Standing In For Ronnie at Phoenix FM

Every Thursday for seven weeks I presented a show on Phoenix FM while regular DJ and snooker legend Ronnie O'Sullivan was off doing his day job.  I had a blast having the freedom to put together a playlist and sharing some of my favourite tunes.  You can listen to all 7 shows online. Advert free and not too much chat from me! 

Just click here and check out some great music.  

I hope to be getting

 a regular slot later this year. I'll keep you posted

Educating Cory. It's all about Rita.

On Wednesday 22nd July at 11:12am a friend on Twitter sent me a direct message.  "Steve, check out a Cory Spedding Facebook page...think u might find it interesting."

I assumed it was X Factor related so I went and had a look. I screen grabbed the entire blog and looked over it. I posted up on Twitter some of the more shocking but familiar tales of woe and it was quickly picked up by Ian Hyland of The Mirror who commented how depressing it was that in July the games have now begun.  

I checked out Cory's music online and it was obvious that she had the talent to get through the judges' audition so this was looking dodgy to me.  Her Facebook post was honest and detailed and didn't read as some mad wannabe just upset at missing out. I felt an injustice had been done and wanted to help expose it.   

Cory Spedding is an attractive 24 year old single mum who had spent four years at Sylvia Young's Theatre School with Rita Ora. Already you are thinking that this is X Factor GOLD!! And it is.

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The Cory Spedding Facebook post.

I got approached by my old stage school in London Sylvia young theatre school a good few weeks back  to ask if I was keen on idea of auditioning for the show - given the circumstances of Rita Ora being a judge this year and we obviously attended the same school together for 4 years so went through school together basically, at this point i had already attended an open audition in Carlisle 2 months ago (unaware at that point Rita was going to be a judge this year as it was only announced 2 weeks before the first show ) ..

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Man up.

On the face of it the recent X Factor related news is just more media interest in a young man from a tv show getting a young woman pregnant.  Not much of a story as both were single but is a bit sad that young people are still treating sex as a contact sport without any consideration to the new life they may be creating.  And that is probably the main reason there has been a need to manage this depressing story.  As someone who has been through the mill I have a keen interest in media manipulation and propaganda and this story is going to run and run.  

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Book Update

After the success of the hardback version of Getting Over The X we are now planning a paperback to go along with the hardback and Kindle editions. 

It is very interesting how the book has been received by the mainstream press and the public. So far we have had 350 reviews on Amazon by the buying public…. "

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