My Book

"Talk to the press, we will bury you.' Max Clifford, August 2005
And let's be honest, he did a pretty good job. How did he do it? Often through newspapers edited by Andy Coulson.
It is this more than anything which, ten years on, tells me that now is the right time to tell my story.
I've implied before I would, but this autumn I will finally publish Getting Over The X.
I am currently working on the manuscript with broadcaster/writer Tony Horne. We found each other after one of you recommended him on my Facebook page and instantly got each other. If you want to know more about Tony and books he's done, you will find him at

Together, we have sounded out a couple of professional friends in the book world. On their advice, we are going to publish this book ourselves.
There are a couple of principle reasons for this. Some of them are practical like the timescale we have. We need this book out some point between the new series of the X Factor and the final in December. The book trade can't work to that deadline.
Then there are other reasons like creative freedom. If you do everything yourself, you make all the decisions yourself. (Imagine, for example if this were the music industry and someone told you to do an album of covers and you were a credible musician...oh, wait, that story is for the book!)

Of course with such freedom comes responsibility. Tony and I will need to hire :
A proof reader
A picture editor
A cover designer
A lawyer
A marketing guru
A typesetter ...
and probably, many many more.

Then, of course, we'll need to book media time and physically get around the country to get this book out there. And, of course, there's the book itself.  We thought long and hard about paperback or hardback and even though hardback is more expensive, this book has been so long coming and is so important to me that if this initial run turns out to be the last then I want it to be it's best. After all, this book is what my children will be reading one day. One day when they are old enough to want to know what happened to me when I won The X Factor.