Deadline for Thank You Credits

My book, Getting Over The X is nearly finished and working with Tony Horne has been such a pleasure that I actually enjoyed getting this book done. However, we really are up against if we want to get this book out mid November. We have so much still to do. We have offers for help on design and proof reading and we will be in touch so thank you. 

Thanks to all the people who have already ordered the book and thus helping make it happen we really couldn't do it without you. Also, those who have bought the album and the other items in the shop. It is really helping to get things going. 

The design of the front cover has not been done but we've had fun looking at some ideas. The working cover seems popular and we are seriously considering using it.  The book is no nonsense, no spin, honest account of my time on the show and the last 10 years. We have time to make a final decision but a no nonsense book with a no nonsense cover works for me.

As we are short of time to deliver the book we have to put a deadline on the Thank You credits. We have allocated a whole page within the book for up to 20 names for helping make the book happen. We can only offer this up until the 13th September but only have 8 places left for the Thank You credits in the book.  If you would like to support the book and have your name in Getting Over The X then see below. Thank you. 

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