X Factor - Round 2

Friday 26th September was a bumper night for TV. The choice was outrageously good, there was something for everyone. Thank goodness for Strictly, Gogglebox and The Ryder Cup. X Factor went head to head with Strictly Come Dancing and it was no surprise that Strictly won round 2. However, what was interesting was seeing just how far The X Factor has returned to it's trusted formula of bear baiting, nasty judges and bending the rules to get the right line up as they gauge the reaction of the public.  

As we put the final touches to my book I can already see how 10 years on, The X Factor is going back to those basics. We all know the contestants are pawns in a battle for ratings but the producers are going all out to get people watching. Cheryl made a fool of herself after she was apparently forced to put through Chloe Jasmine who is the tabloid darling and this year's Katie Waissel . A pretty average to poor singer who will get slammed if she makes the live shows by the viewers but remember, she has made it through loads of auditions so she's got to be good right?  It is no coincidence that the girls got the experimental Friday night with record low ratings. Cowell won't let Cheryl win this series. Not a chance.  It is also no coincidence that 10 years on Cowell is back working with the Overs. When Louis had the overs they were a joke but some how the expert that is Simon can find real talent over 25 years old. 

My prediction is that this is going to be very similar to series one where Simon Cowell ultimately wins regardless of which contestant takes the crown. He will be pushing forward an older singer that he will claim is a 'nice guy" and won't be able to help himself with "I've worked with some people who turned out to be nasty". 

2014 is a big year for the show and I expect things to heat up in the coming months as the narrative mirrors what I went through in 2004. The difference is the judges will be on side this time, the older guy who will probably win and have the full support of the women judges. Cowell is desperate to have success with an older artist so he can say - "See, Steve was hard work, {insert name here} is so much better and nicer"  Remember - according to the man himself I'm the worst person he has ever worked with, I even think he is pissed that he can't even celebrate 10 years of X Factor because that would mean he would have to acknowledge…me!   - Max Clifford may be in prison but his words "Talk to the press and we'll bury you" still resonate. The agenda is still alive and kicking. 

There is much at stake and the next few weeks will be vital for the show's survival.  


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