X Factor: Ding Ding.

So X Factor finally goes head to head with Strictly Come Dancing and as undisputed champion of light entertainment Sir Bruce Forsyth retires, X Factor big guns Simon Cowell and Cheryl enter the ring.  

Simon was quick to put a spin on being floored by the new contenders. He still hasn't commented on Max Clifford's conviction by the way. Defiantly he said, "Round one to them." For him, it wasn't over.  He made sure he quoted the peak figures because the more important average figures were far less impressive. Only 7.6 million stayed with his show compared to the 8.4 million dancing with the Stars on Strictly. Then he put the blame for his defeat at  the door of the BBC. For a capitalist, it's surprising that he feels it is so unfair that people have a choice of what show to watch at prime time. I've always believed that capitalists are frustrated dictators who only dislike monopolies in public hands. 

It was a far cry from the evident pride he showed when Ant and Dec had beaten The Voice.  No such concern for the public having to choose between shows back in March 2013.  Simon Cowell wants to give talent a chance doesn't he? But he couldn't even bring himself to name "that other show".  I question that he really cares about the public having a choice or the hopefuls looking a break. 

The fact is, in 2014 we have series link, ITV+1, iPlayer, TV Catchup and our HD recorders. If people want to watch Strictly Come Dancing or X Factor they can watch it whenever they liked.  It is more likely there is a fear that losing to SCD will be seen as the beginning of the end for The X Factor.  Before, Simon could blame Gary Barlow for being a boring judge but now he is back with his A Team.  

X Factor is on the ropes, Simon is looking shaky and his attack on the BBC was a low blow. It's too early to say if this fight will end on points or if The X Factor will get knocked out, but expect more boxing metaphors between now and Christmas.