Man up.

On the face of it the recent X Factor related news is just more media interest in a young man from a tv show getting a young woman pregnant.  Not much of a story as both were single but is a bit sad that young people are still treating sex as a contact sport without any consideration to the new life they may be creating.  And that is probably the main reason there has been a need to manage this depressing story.  As someone who has been through the mill I have a keen interest in media manipulation and propaganda and this story is going to run and run.  

Simon Cowell has recently told Louis Tomlinson to man up over his baby news. It appears that Louis met a girl in a club and got her pregnant just weeks after breaking from his long term girlfriend Eleanor Calder.  As a role model and idol to millions this news is potentially heart breaking for his fans.  The nice boy image could be damaged if he is seen to be getting security to bring him girls and then be too irresponsible to take protection.  

Louis has yet to confirm or deny this story but his mentor and record label boss Simon Cowell has confirmed, "He didn't kill anyone. He got someone pregnant" - This is from the man who got his friend's wife pregnant.  Let's not go into why he didn't "man up" and tell his mate he fancied his wife. But that's another story. 

According to some newspapers Louis had his man bring Briana over to him and the rest is history.  However, it's not that simple.  There has also been suggested that they were introduced by mutual friends.  So which story is true? This is just the start of the spin.  What is clear is that they haven't dated and have no plans to date so the thought of casual sex resulting in a baby isn't good PR when you have 20 million female fans.  

It's an incredibly awkward situation for Louis so Simon has done an exclusive interview with The Sun and Dan Wootton.  Louis is unlikely to talk about it until the PR has been spun properly. 

Now, before I go on I am going to share a bit of my story with One Direction fans. Yes, I have a book out but my main purpose for a book was so that I could share my story and be vindicated after years of a negative smear campaign.   

10 years ago just before I won the X factor Simon Cowell had two ex-girlfriends come on to me in his dressing room. One of them opened her coat and all she had on was a pair of knickers. I turned down the advances and Simon played it down as just a bit of fun but I felt that I was being manipulated.  

After winning X factor I was asked to see Simon's PR man Max Clifford (who is now a convicted abuser)  He asked me for my secrets so that he can manage them. I told Max I didn't have any secrets but I did have something I wanted to deal with myself.   I didn't trust him with my personal information and rightly so. 

Instead, I told my story directly to a magazine. My "secret" wasn't a secret to me. I didn't feel shame because my secret was just one of those unfortunate things that happens in life. 

As a teenager I was abused by a family friend and as a subsequence I questioned my sexuality. I was asked an awkward question by a journalist for Closer about having many gay fans and I answered honestly.  I felt that talking about questioning sexuality would be a force for good.  I had nothing to be ashamed of and the abuse I had suffered had an impact on me for years but I was finally in a good place.  This revelation came at a time when there were many rumours about Simon's sexuality. I was the house wives favourite and the news would've been bad press for the first X Factor winner.  I wasn't concerned about losing fans who were ignorant to my situation.  

I then told my manager that I had been abused.  I saw nothing wrong with sharing this as I was at a point in my life where I understood it wasn't my fault. 

I was quickly told to have an interview with The Sun who made a double page spread about my shame.  I was horrified to see this personal issue being managed by the label as something I should be ashamed of.  We now know this to be "victim blaming".

I protested to my manager and both stories were buried.  The story never came out.  

To cut a long story short, I asked to leave the label but Simon went to the press and said I was getting dropped. I then faced a negative press campaign with Max Clifford calling me at home saying, "Talk to the press and we'll bury you." - and they have.  

I was meant to meet Simon to discuss my future with the label he didn't show up. When I emailed him to discuss a way to settle our differences instead of replying he had his lawyer contact me.

Despite a number one album I was "dropped" weeks later and the public bought it.  

Simon has since said that I am the worst person he has ever worked with. But Simon has never been a good judge of character.  Remember Jonathan King?

It was only when Max Clifford was convicted of abuse that I felt confident to share the whole story.  I have seen how things get twisted and manipulated so that Simon protects his brand and this is another example of damage limitation.

Yes, it looks like Louis has done an incredibly thoughtless and stupid thing, but maybe it's not only Louis who needs to man up.  



On a personal note, earlier this year I went to Wimbledon Police Station and finally reported my abuser.  I feel much better. 

Getting Over The X was released last year and went to Number 1 on Kindle with 365 reviews,  It has yet to have one mainstream media review.  Thank you for finding this page.   Kindle