The Cory Spedding Facebook post.

Below is the Cory Spedding Facebook post:

"Ok Just to inform everyone before its broadcast in autumn - I may as well as I want people to gain a good understanding..please take the time to read I know Its a lot but it's gonna be in the paper anyways🙈 Ok Just to inform everyone before its broadcast in autumn - I may as well as I want people to gain a good understanding..please take the time to read I know Its a lot but it's gonna be in the paper anyways🙈 plus I want to give people an insight as to what these sort of competitions are like. 


basically the Situation with xfactor...

I got approached by my old stage school in London Sylvia young theatre school a good few weeks back  to ask if I was keen on idea of auditioning for the show - given the circumstances of Rita Ora being a judge this year and we obviously attended the same school together for 4 years so went through school together basically, at this point i had already attended an open audition in Carlisle 2 months ago (unaware at that point Rita was going to be a judge this year as it was only announced 2 weeks before the first show ) .. Was A spontaneous decision with nothing to lose auditioning, so a few days later I got a phonecall from xfactor to congratulate me that i had been shortlisted for the live arena show to sing for the judges, a this point I couldn't understand my luck as I had literally sang for a producer at Carlisle for 30 seconds & I was very aware that there were still 4 auditions for producers to go before I even got anywhere near the judges as far as I was concerned, however I was wrong in this case as she  said they didn't need to hear me anymore they were happy with what they heard enough to skip me 3 audition processes - result !

So I then informed her that I was in the process of also auditioning for bbc's 'the voice' as I felt it was necessary she knew this vital piece of she then right away told me she immediately needed to speak to her boss & get back to me, 10 minutes later I got a call back to be then told they wanted me straight on the live auditon show to sing for Simon, Cheryl , Rita & Nick 😳 I couldn't believe it!! I of course said yes, she ensured me that the situation with Rita would not go against me & would if anything be a really great chance to reunite with her & get the chance to catch up after 7 years of not seeing one another.. I was over the moon! 

So the phonecall was on the Saturday afternoon and I was demanded in Manchester arena the Wednesday which was such short notice to prepare myself for what I seen as a once in a lifetime opportunity to shine.. I had to choose 5 songs to prepare & give reasons for each one.. I chose halo by Beyoncé as my first to try and make it my own & stand out from a crowd a little, but they specified they needed Eva Cassidy - songbird to be my number 1 choice which was the song I sang at my audition in Carlisle. 

I of course accepted their decision and done as they pleased at the end of the day the last thing I wanted to do was make demands and say no.. They said it would really 'benefit ' me singing that one so I did. 

Anyways once we arrived at the arena in the morning (all 25 of us - family & friends ) 

They made me sign a release form and whisked me straight off for immediate filming of me and all the family with my daughter, and from that moment on it was CONSTANT. From 10am in the morning we didn't stop, then all the family etc would be left to wait in the main holding room whilst I went off for itv 2 filming etc. my main interview with the producer took 1.5 hours as he was asking that many questions about the Rita situ with us going through school.. It pretty much all become about that. 

They kept really trying to egg me on to portray that me and Rita were inseparable, that we were joined at the hip when in fact we weren't, we were friends in school yes - as were the whole year group as there were only 20 of us in one year group so we were ALL very close, I had a laugh with her in school and she was great & such a talented girl we all knew she'd get snapped up when we left, and of course she did.

But I didn't wanna big up the Rita and me thing as much as they were wanting me to.. 

So the show was supposed to start at 4 and finish at 6 which would have been no problem as we could have gone straight home and got my 4 year old daughter back in good time for bed.. (She'd been up since 5am to travel there ) anyways the show didn't end up starting until 7pm which was a joke.. Being there and none stop on the go since 10am was very tiring and everyone towards the end of the evening were beginning to feel fed up of being told we were going on show shortly. 

There were 20 contestants on the show in total and with me having Eden and being there since stupid o'clock they originally told me they'd slot me in early on to get it done and so I could get Eden home in good time.. Turns out I was 14th out of 20. 

So with Eden becoming restless at this point and feeling tired and fed up I had to ask again if it was at all possible to move me up even if it was just a couple of slots as they were trying to film Eden and she was so ratty and overly tired which clearly wasn't going to look great, so I was becoming more stressed at this point, it was 8.30pm and we had been there literally all day and night in a holding room.. Sure you can imagine how it was..

So they then informed me that they'd moved me up so I could get moving which was great.

In time another hour had gone by & it got to 9.15pm - still hadn't been on stage.. 

So I then asked again when I'd be going on as my energy had almost gone at this point and I was feeling rather pissed off to say the least and they said 20 minutes.. 

Eventually it came to my turn but before I went on stage when I was being mic'd up I asked the sound guy and a researcher with my song having such a large gap of instrumental in the middle of 40 seconds long, would I be able to mention this to the judges before I sing so that they don't stop me thinking I'd possibly forget my words or blanked or something as such as it could easily look that way to them .. He said strictly not to mention that there's an instrumental in the middle, I was worried that they would stop me but the sound team and backstage crew managed to convince me not to mention it, 

so on I went at 9.30pm finally, 5 hours after scheduled time and was announced as the 'last contestant out of 20' ... I couldn't believe it, they'd kept me last the whole time even being told I had been moved up from 14th a few slots I was the very last singer to walk on the stage ! I was upset 😕

I put it aside for the big audition, 

I walked on & within 2 seconds Rita recognised me which seemed very quick, she was looking down at a piece of paper as well as the others, was pretty insane being stood in front of an old school mate in all fairness and I think she was as took back as me, but I think the judges knew before I even stepped onto the stage who I was and all my personal info, can tell based on the questions they ask. 

So we spoke for a good 5 minutes and it was of course mainly about school memories etc, then I Sang songbird which the producers demanded ( with the huge instrumental ).. Soooo the instrumental hit and the audience cheered loads, I just looked out and smiled with pure happiness at the crowds reaction and embraced the moment...what felt like was the longest 30 seconds of my life hah.. Then low and behold - just as I suspected ... Cheryl put up her arm and stopped me just as the song was about to climax and get more powerful. This was the reason I wanted to explain before the song so I wasn't stopped , she thought I 'forgot my words ' but I then immediately explained that I worried about this happening and wanted to explain beforehand that there was an instru incase I got stopped.. How convenient that I did and they told me I wasn't aloud to warn them before hand. 

I sang the best I feel I've sang in ages, I prepared as much as I could in the 3 days I had at such short notice! The crowd were amazingggggggg😆

Simon basically turned around and said 'to be honest, this is awkward and I don't feel it is fair - I couldn't put my trust into you with this situation of you and Rita '....... Even though xfactor approached ME, even though I got skipped 3 audition processes to be put in front of the judges & even though I was 'convinced' that dropping the voice and going with them was gonna be worthwhile they would make sure of it as well as telling me that the Rita thing if anything most definitely would not go against me.... Absolute SET UP, I was set up for a fall there and then.. And the song they demanded I sang - 'wasn't the right song to sing ' even though I didn't want it as my first choice but felt made to do it .. Also a set up? 😕

Filmed alllll day and my poor baby girl up since 5am until 10.30 pm for nothing when promised the world practically. 

All along producers / crew probably all knew all along I wasn't gonna go through because of the circumstance but yet Cheryl's cousin auditions and gets through and there's been other family and friend members before to judges put through to next stages, utter shambles & very disheartening! 

Rita came on stage and we talked afterwards and she apologised & said she felt in such a bad position..they said it wasn't the competiton for me yet in 2011 I made it to the final 25 girls at boot camp 😂ok then. And before me two Irish twins went on stage , couldn't sing for toffee & forgot the majority of their song 😦😡literally were a joke act!

And they went through to bootcamp!! 

But on the bright side, I got kissed and cuddled by olly murs & Caroline & olly said he couldn't believe I didn't go through and told me to never ever stop until i get where I wanna be ... 🌟. 

Anywaysssss moral of this story - A BIG LESSON LEARNT!!!! They even filmed me trying to go to the car in the car park 😂disgrace! 


Not doing this for any sympathy I just wanna make everybody aware of my experience & that the show is most definitely 100% contrived and fixed undoubtably.. I seen it all unfold & it opened my eyes so much. 

Besides who needs X factor for success .. Not me 💁🏻😆


Now for the big article in the sun.. Could be between now and Sunday👏🏼


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