Educating Cory. It's all about Rita.

On Wednesday 22nd July at 11:12am a friend on Twitter sent me a direct message.  "Steve, check out a Cory Spedding Facebook page...think u might find it interesting."

I assumed it was X Factor related so I went and had a look. I screen grabbed the entire blog and looked over it. I posted up on Twitter some of the more shocking but familiar tales of woe and it was quickly picked up by Ian Hyland of The Mirror who commented how depressing it was that in July the games have now begun.  

I checked out Cory's music online and it was obvious that she had the talent to get through the judges' audition so this was looking dodgy to me.  Her Facebook post was honest and detailed and didn't read as some mad wannabe just upset at missing out. I felt an injustice had been done and wanted to help expose it.   

Cory Spedding is an attractive 24 year old single mum who had spent four years at Sylvia Young's Theatre School with Rita Ora. Already you are thinking that this is X Factor GOLD!! And it is.

Cory Spedding went to Sylvia Young's theatre school with Rita Ora.

Cory Spedding went to Sylvia Young's theatre school with Rita Ora.

Sadly for Cory, despite being a trained vocalist with an obvious talent, the story is what The X Factor is after - not her.  If she had spoken to me before I could have told her the outcome of this audition. Unfortunately for her and me, the press have labelled me a bitter old moaner and it is of no surprise that she hasn't approached me until now.  

Just before 1 pm on Wednesday, I had a direct message from Cory urgently requesting my advice and she left a contact number. 

I called her and it was instantly clear to me that Cory was very stressed out.  She had done an exclusive interview with The Sun newspaper for £2,000 that was due to run on the coming Sunday.  Showbiz editor Ed Dyson had started asking for more and more stories about Rita at school.  This was sounding more and more like an 'X Factor reject obsessed with Rita Ora' type of story.  You can never be sure but what had Rita's school days had to do with Cory's X Factor experience?  She had no intentions to bad mouth Rita but The Sun were pushing and pushing for more.  Face it, X factor have stolen Rita from The Voice and she's on good money. This X factor is all about Rita. The Sun don't want a Cory story they want a story about the new judge.   

Cory had been concerned about how she was going to come across and so wrote a Facebook post for her friends, extended family and business associates to knew the truth.  She was unaware that it breached the terms of the contract until Ed contacted her and asked her to remove it.  So she did. 

I told her that the damage was already done but not to worry.  Forget the £2,000. What you didn't have you won't miss unless you start spending it now. Her main concern was how she would be seen on tv?  Do she really want to be portrayed as a single mum with a sob story clinging to fame by association?  "I used to go to school with Rita Ora" 

Cory informed me that she had auditioned for X factor a few years back and made it through to the last 25 girls to bootcamp. She didn't go further after forgetting her words and so guess what? This time as she is singing "Song Bird" Cheryl puts up her hand to stop the music during the instrumental.  "Did you forget the words?"  All so easy to see this narrative.  It was the instrumental Cheryl - there are no words! In the edit this observation will no doubt be lost. Poor single mum and friend to Rita still can't remember her words. NEXT!!

Simon then questions whether he can trust the situation as Rita and Cory went to school together - and so there you have it with a huge slice of irony, Cory is rejected by Simon because of X Factor's desire to be seen as truthful and honest. They approach and fast-track a school friend of Rita Ora and then spend the day asking her loads of questions about Rita so when the edit comes it will look like Cory was constantly talking about her; the single mum with a toddler (that they requested was brought along) and then they can reject her so it looks like they are not accepting sob stories. And X Factor is fair - no favouritism!  Perfect.   

Today I hear X factor are putting through Rita Ora's backing singers and you can't claim that it is a fix because they've already turned down Rita's school friend, Cory. Nice. 

Anyway,  the negative propaganda has begun. X Factor have denied fast-tracking and are blaming Cory for speaking about Rita.  Some media have already used "chinwagging" and "rant" as they are great for making a "wannabe" appear bitter, and for most people who don't care will just say, "it's a TV show and you should know what goes on" - to be fair you should.  

I've been trying for ages to educate singers about what they are letting themselves in for. But does a person's ignorance of the inner workings of X Factor make it right that they are manipulated and lied to just to keep X Factor going and making Simon Cowell even more money?  

If you are considering The X Factor make sure you are aware of what they can do.  If in doubt email me. 

Cory closes her post with "BIG LESSON LEARNT!!!!" and it is.  Class dismissed. 


READ Cory's Facebook post here. 

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Thankfully The Daily Star picked up the post and just went with the story as it is.