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Regrets - I have a few.

Well, I decided the other night to just release Ordinary Fool. As you may know, I have been planning to release an album this year but this project has been fluid and I have been giving it a lot of thought as to how that would happen. Even though I have produced records before, this is the first time I've done it without a co-producer with vast experience. I've generally sat there and given my input and not pressed any of the buttons!

I am really excited about this as it has turned out pretty much how I wanted and unlike a demo I don't find myself making any excuses like "Oh, it's just a rough mix" or "Yeah, I need to redo the vocal."

But making the record is just a small part of the business - there is so much more to making music and releasing it.

There is no right way to release music and in the past I have released albums which have not received any media or public attention. I have created some great work that has just not reached the public at large. It can be pretty frustrating. Initially, I could understand the reasons why things never turned out the way I had hoped. Obviously, Max Clifford and the negative media campaign against me was a huge problem for a number of years and I played the game badly. Do I regret it? Yes. There are a number of ways I could have done things and I mostly took the wrong option. But like the film Sliding Doors - you never know what could've happened if I had made different decisions.

I will create a video explaining why I did not have success after the release of my debut album Heart And Soul but I'm not going to make excuses. It will be an analysis of where I went wrong and where do I go from here? It's quite a complex issue that can't be reduced to simply the quality of the work or myself as a vocalist or a person.

As this blog and my channel grow I will look at this subject in more depth as I start to make music again. Please bear with me as I create this new way of working. It is something I should have done years ago but for one reason or another I have never developed it properly until now. One thing I am sure of is that you can't repeat actions and expect different results.

Ordinary Fool will be available to stream in the next few days but if you wish to buy the download you can buy it direct from the website for the price of a cuppa.

Now - let's record the next song.

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Regret is a wasted emotion , treat it as a passing ship in the flowing waters of life. As long as you have breath, blood pumping in your veins all things of opportunity is a possibility and vice versa

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