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If You Had To Choose One?

Each month I will record a song just for Youtube and possibly for my next album - can you help me decide which song I record in April?

When I recorded my third album Forgotten Man, I got input from people as to which songs they liked so I thought I would try that again.

I have chosen 4 songs that I love and used to sing back in the day at my gigs around Surrey and Essex. Over the years people have asked me to record them so I thought I will record one very soon.

Your opinions count. I really do listen and take on board what people say and suggest so here goes.... which song would you most like to hear me record from these classics?

Just Once

Love TKO

Since I Lost My Baby

Me And Mrs Jones

I look forward to your comments.

Steve x

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Every month I will bring news updates and clips of songs especially for my patrons.

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